Capital District Hockey Association (CDHA)
The CDHA is a competitive OVER 25 non-checking men's ice hockey league established & in operation since 1974. We are a USA Hockey League (all members must have active USA Hockey Insurance) comprised of 5 teams looking for experienced new players to fill some open roster spots. Each game of the 26 game season, & single elimination playoffs (finals being best of 3), features two certified USA Hockey referees & a scorekeeper.  Season scheduling, results as well as team & individual player stats are updated & posted on the website throughout the season.   This league also features an end-of-season banquet & golf tournament.
Each year, all 5 teams make the single elimination series of the playoffs thus guaranteeing a minimum of 27 games/team each season.  Any given teams maximum potential of games is 31 if playing in the first round of the playoffs and going all of the way to the 3rd game of the best of 3 final series.
Interested players (who are 25+ years old) should contact Marc Quinlan (

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