Information for Officials and Scorekeepers
CDHA Playing Rules Summary

Except as Noted Otherwise, USA Hockey Inc. Rules Are Applicable.

1) BODY CHECKING is a Minor Penalty - No Body Checking is allowed.

2) SLASHING, CROSSCHECKING and HIGH STICKING shall be assessed a Minor Penalty and a 10 Minute Misconduct (player committing the infraction serves 12 Minutes) as a minimum. These infractions shall count as two penalties towards the automatic ejection rule set forth in Section 6.

The following rules are the responsibility of the Official Scorers and the Team Captains.  Referees are to follow the Official Scorer's instructions.

3) EJECTIONS  Players receiving any MAJOR Penalty will result in an Automatic Ejection from the game. Similarly, players who receive total of 4 minor/misconduct (any combination) penalties are ejected from the game and MUST leave the ice and bench area. Double minors count as two penalties.  The responsibility for enforcing this rule rests with the scorer and the team captains. The scorer is to notify both captains when any player receives a third and fourth penalty.  Team captains are to see that any player ejected leaves the playing area. Any ejections, other than those for 4 minor penalties, must be Promptly (48 hrs) reported to the CDHA President by the Team Representatives.

4) WARM-UPS  Teams shall be allowed 5 minutes warm-up time prior to beginning a game and 2 minutes warm-up after resurfacing in the second period.  Warm-up times begin when the Zamboni leaves the ice and the gates are closed. Delay of game penalties may be imposed for excessive delays by either team.

5) JERSEY COLOR  Players without proper color jerseys and/or numbers shall be allowed to play only upon approval of the opposing captain and the game officials.

6) PLAY AS LONG AS POSSIBLE RULE  Games end when either 3 eighteen-minute periods of play are completed or the Rink Attendant signals the end of the skating session, whichever occurs first.  If the rink attendants allow skating beyond the normal end-of-session time, play is to continue until the third eighteen-minute period is complete or the Attendant signals the end-of-session.  Time permitting, First-Goal-Wins overtimes may be played and are subject to Written approval by EACH TEAM CAPTAIN - sign " I agree to overtime" and your name on the score sheet.

7) TIME OUTS  One thirty-second time out is allowed per team each game.
8) PLAYOFF ROSTERS  All teams rosters are set at the BEGINNING of the season prior to the first game.  Subs are NOT allowed to play in any playoff game regardless of how many times they may have subbed in the regular season.  Any roster substitutions MUST be approved by the governing board and team representatives.

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